Stasha Washburn

Teaching women to optimize productivity, maximize freedom, and thrive in business, by syncing their natural body rhythms.
Stasha Washburn works with smart, savvy, women who are blocked by misunderstanding their own biology. She helps women not only fall in love with your period (imagine that!?!) but also naturally sync it with your business planning.

“It’s my life’s mission to end the taboo around menstruation for women. From things like marketing that encourages women feel shame, to the death’s of women each and every year due to this taboo, I’m talking about it all and I’m here to stay.”

The truth is our hormones are happening everyday. We’re either working with them or against them. There’s no inbetween on this one, but the good news is they are absolutely predictable and you can use that knowledge to your advantage each and every day!

Running her brilliant business on the road – travelling around the globe talking periods, taboos, power, and recruiting new women into the #ovarygang – Stash walks her talk everyday.

She has a wicked mind for business strategy but couples that unapologetically with a quest for balance and flow and is determined to help other women to do the same.

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Stasha's Charting Mandala

This PDF is for you to color each day. In just a minute a day you can learn more about yourself with this mandala, than all of the BuzzFeed quizes combined!

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