Sarah Argent

Head Honcho of Julilah LadyLilah Products - creator of cloth menstrual pads.

Sarah is the main maker, dreamer and head honcho of Julilah. With a love and respect for the world, and a deep belief that how we treat the earth is a direct result of how we treat ourselves, she decided that women had a unique opportunity fight – literally, with their blood – for the environment.

Sarah went to work designing her very on cloth menstrual pads, and after making some for friends, was quickly convinced that they were some of the best cloth pads out there! Sarah has always felt like she could save the world, and now with her Julilah LadyLilah products, she was able to step up and be an eco-cycle warrior.

Being an old-fashioned homemaker at heart and having always loved arts and craft, she is Julilah’s main creator, whilst being a stay-at-home-Mum to two beautiful children (after whom Julilah is named), wife to a husband (who will sit down and talk all things menstrual with her), a music teacher and a traveller.