Meredith Canaan

Professional Relationship, Family, and Business coach

Meredith is a professional relationship, family, and business coach.  She is the founder of Canaan Coaching & Consulting, the Moms Relationship Support Network, and creator of The Mommies Game. Meredith also hosts The Ultimate Moms’ Summit every spring. She works with families struggling with parenthood and who have children with executive function issues like ADHD and other complex problems as a Licensed and Certified Sanity School ® Trainer.

Meredith has been working closely with her mentor, Ryan Eliason, since 2014 and currently coaches his signature programs; Visionary Business School and Visionary Business Mastery.  

Meredith is a knowledge seeker and seminar lover and she has participated in personal development seminars through Landmark Education, PAX, and Peak Potentials.  She was professionally trained by CoachU, and was certified as an ACC by the International Coach Federation.

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