Heather Fleming

Integrating Joy, Freedom, Love and Nourishment into mainstream nutrition.

As with all relationships, they take work to remove blocks and insert compassion and mindfulness. The relationship you have with food and your body can have old beliefs, judgements and habits that are holding you back from the healthiest version of you.

Heather is a recovering Type A nutritionist who was seeking perfection, only to realize the body is brilliant and we just have to learn how to listen. Her education with a B.S. in Nutritional Science and as a Certified Clinical Nutritionist has provided a solid foundation to help her teach others how to nourish themselves with food. Her mission is to infuse love, compassion and guide others how to be their own guru.

“When we learn how to observe, trust and listen to our intuition, we can feel more empowered by food instead of judging ourselves and placing blame and projection on innocent food.”–Heather’s Belief

She created the Conscious Nutrition Philosophy & Program along with her NEW program, Intuitvarian 22 which integrates real life experiences and suggestions to support others to live a life saturated in vitality and nourishment. Conscious Nutrition focuses on nutrition, conscious thoughts, relationship with food and freedom from diet and restriction.

To learn more about Heather’s approach please watch the movie “Feeding Obesity” and visit her YouTube Channel here.