Dr Cara Quant

Internal Medicine Doctor, passionate about women’s sexual health

Dr. Cara Quant is an Internal Medicine Doctor and is passionate about women’s sexual health.  Her passion came about after she realized it was not thoroughly taught in medical training but believe women need providers who are comfortable in discussing and knowledgeable with treating female sexual dysfunction (lack of desire, lack of arousal, pain with intercourse, and problems with orgasm).

She is the founder of Viva La Vulva movement and art exhibition which is bringing together like-minded people from different backgrounds who have a passion for driving change in the way female sexual health is perceived in our society and to help promote more awareness about female sexuality.

Dr. Cara believes there is great value in empowering women to understand their bodies so she works to teach women the following;

  1. The power you hold by understanding and exploring your body
  2. How to ask for what you want in the bedroom
  3. Understanding that sexual dysfunction (pain with sex, problems with orgasm, lack of desire) is common and there are resources available.